Try IPage Discounts; Start With A Deal

Get yourself onto the internet with a deal from iPage. They are currently offering a $1.99 web hosting plan for the first month. After that, the price goes up, but it is an excellent introductory offer. You can’t lose. Should you try iPage? Here is what you need to know about their products and services.

About iPage

This US company has been in operation since 1998, making them one of the oldest web hosts around. Hosting is not simply a way to make money; for these people, hosting is a vocation, something the firm and its employees are proud of. Behind the scenes there are many exciting things going on that the consumer has no idea about, technical innovations and possibilities.

Objectives at

Staff at iPage want their clients to enjoy maximum exposure on the internet. They enable customers to build their businesses and grow bigger so as to remain viable in the future. It’s not good enough just to provide hosting; that hosting service is now part of analytics which determine if a company will be ranked well or poorly by Google, DuckDuckGo, AOL, or Yahoo. The very first image you see on their landing page seems to confirm that growth is a priority. They depict two people in a greenhouse surrounded by plants. That’s pretty suggestive of a positive focus. Their team is also able to help clients with marketing.

Audience of Achievers

The ideal audience for iPage is small businesses, companies that are uninterested in expensive dedicated hosting services for the time being. With small budgets, these firms still want and need the professional touch and iPage acknowledges how complicated the subject of selecting a service provider can be. Their goal is to simplify this process for the lay person whose business has nothing to do with code writing and internet security. iPage looks after those details so their clients can deal with their own products, services, and clients to the best of their ability.

Clients come from four sectors: personal, non-profit, professional, and social. iPage tools are designed to enable speedy setup, user-friendly navigation and control, Search Engine Optimization, and value for money. Make a decision to work with iPage and expect to be pleasantly startled by the speed with which you go from no-page to iPage.

Regular Costs Without iPage Coupons

Although the first month is cheap, it costs $10.95 per month the rest of the time to be hosted by iPage and that is only the lowest-cost without extras. There are cheaper services out there, but not for e-commerce and visibility that is secure and efficient.

Each plan also comes with more than $500 in extras to enhance a business’s visibility on the worldwide web. Among these extras are $100 for AdWords and some free security features. You also receive free tools for building your site, some cost-free storage (1 GB), and more ad credits.

Is This Value for Money Without The iPage Discount?

Ad credits are helpful, but only if your strategy involved PPC ads in the first place, and this is not the only web host offering ad perks. Storage noted above is not free either; it has been built into the price. Some security should always be provided by a web host with additional security available for an extra cost.

Website building from Open Source templates is also free as a rule. The part that costs money is hosting. Anyone can visit Weebly, Wix, or and use one of these sites to develop a website from the tools they provide without paying anything. There are conditions, however, which is why paying for web hosting is desirable and it is better to do the whole thing using iPage or another web hosting service.

Many Templates

iPage encourages clients to build and personalize sites using the tools at their disposal. Create a store for customers to browse or a blog which utilizes themes to suit the topic. Start a business using your blog by creating sidebars and installing coupon codes.

Build a security package in which malware detection is standard, the data center is secured, business verification is part of the process, and network scanning has been initiated by iPage. Add analytics with a control panel.

If this all sounds too confusing for words, call up the company, email them, or take part in a live conversation online during business hours. Someone is ready to talk to you or give you a hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year. Top-notch service is not merely words; it is part of their guarantee.

This might sound enticing enough to migrate services from an existing host to iPage for a small cost of $1.99. Although migration is often free elsewhere, that doesn’t mean other firms are cheaper. Calculate value for money according to all the benefits a site provides, including better business exposure.

Coupon Codes for iPage

One of the many useful features of a promotional site featuring coupon codes and discounts is that it will usually give you an overview of the company they are promoting. Learn more, get an overview, read a summary of what iPage has to offer. The codes and promos listed here are not extra savings besides what you can discover on

The purpose of such a site is to help consumers find a web host when they aren’t going directly to a company website. When they type “web hosting services of small businesses” into a search engine box, this will lead them to a number of listings. When they ask for “web hosting coupon codes,” they will be directed to specialized pages relating to discounts and possibly reviews as well. It’s a way of attracting viewers who don’t know what is out there.

Perhaps you already get your services from iPage but don’t know what deals they offer as these are embedded on pages deep within their system, not highlighted on the landing page. Go to a coupon code site and ask for iPage promos and coupons. You will be taken directly to links for iPage deals. Some of them are for new customers. Others are for existing clients, like one right now offered as a “thank you” to clients.

The Essential Web Page at iPage

Search iPage for a big selection of web hosting packages and you will be surprised: the list is short. Their focus is fairly tight, being aimed at small or medium-sized businesses, charities, and personal pages. iPage Essential and WordPress hosting are the two packages on offer here. Learn about both of them and how to find coupon codes which provide discounts on services at

The Essential Plan

Save 81% right away with this limited trial offer of one month for $1.99. Usually, the Essential Plan costs $10.95 per month. Consider this a low-cost demonstration of what iPage can give you. Use the service to its fullest extent during your first month to discover what they offer and whether it’s any good for your business or personal needs.

An Essential Plan allows you to register a domain for free, provides unlimited domain names, no disk space limits, or restrictions on the number of email accounts you can have. How much can one person handle on a single account? Let the answer to that question define your parameters. MySQL databases are also unlimited. Set up is easy and quick.

No Need for Extra Coupon Codes & Discounts

Customers receive a Weebly website builder for no extra cost so you can create a site using templates and tools which require no knowledge of code to operate. This is what the internet world knows as Open Source programming: programming which anyone can do without computer skills or code-building knowledge.

With a service like this, web hosting would normally come at the cost of allowing Weebly or another Open Source site to post their own advertising. With iPage, you build the site, still for free, but paying for hosting ensures you maintain control over advertising and you get a proper domain name that SEO looks kindly upon.

Tools to Amplify Success With iPage

iPage also provides tools to enhance search engine success. Tools at your disposal make room for creating informational websites for non-profit groups, personal websites, e-commerce, and all with matching themes from Weebly provided at no extra cost. These will see you on your way to top rankings. Additional themes and plug-ins will cost extra, but you probably do not need those right away.

Robust iPage Websites

The word “robust” suggests good health and strength; durability. That must mean that robust features help consumers to create a healthy presence online in a given field but also the strength to deal with security threats without a website succumbing to viruses and threats. A robust site is powerful too; speedy and “up” most of the time, like a healthy, alert, active person.

A feature of durability is the ability to scale services. With unlimited bandwidth, one’s downloading speed should be unhindered by the amount of traffic or size of a site even as storage demands grow, although caching is a good way to enhance speed and improve SEO rankings. Faster loading times also improve user satisfaction at the PC or smartphone end of things.

iPage Web Host’s Package

Here are some elements of website administration provided to iPage customers on the Essential plan. Receive access to FileManager and FTP manager plus secure FTP. Clients receive personalized error pages. For e-commerce, quickly and easily integrate your checkout with PayPal and AgoraCart software. iPage uses a vDeck control panel rather than cPanel. Sites are monitored all day, every day, for statistics, malware, and traffic. Each client account has access to WebMail including a customizable email address, and forwarding.

Two WordPress Packages

Select one of these products if you want to build a WordPress site rather than a Weebly one. It’s cheaper overall but the starting price is a little bit higher at $3.75. Pay $9.49 monthly after that. Many services are the same as above, like a free domain name, no limits to storage, and many themes at your disposal.

You receive a number of marketing credits like money towards PPC ads. Bandwidth can be scaled as above. Select an ultimate program for $6.95 monthly which comes with dedicated WordPress support plus pre-installed plugins and themes, plus a custom control panel for WordPress. This one involves more setup beforehand and is ready to go more quickly than the cheaper alternative.

Additional W3 caching is an extra you don’t see every day (cache is storage). Themes and the control panel have been chosen for customers based on what the experts know about the internet and WordPress especially. Professionals at iPage think their clients will like these. The good thing is you will not need coupon codes or special deals to access a lot of what they have to offer.

Customers who migrate should notice around 2.5X faster speed. All the while, iPage WordPress sites can handle traffic changes, thanks to agile architecture, servers that aren’t overloaded, various layers of storage, and CDN.

Security is provided by SiteLock, one of the most trusted companies out there. Their logo on a shopping page is a comforting site to consumers. A spam firewall is also there to defend your site from vandalism and consumers’ identity from fraud or theft. Experts in WordPress are there to help you 24/7 if you have a problem or only questions about how to make your website even better with tools available at

Advantages of iPage Promo Codes and Discounts

Customers should always be alert to potential deals that make no change to service quality in anyway. Use money you save by taking advantage of deals to make a site more interactive or mobile-ready. Some features, like these, could require add-ons at additional costs. The iPage catalog gives you a fuller idea of available plug-ins and, although a site should not be heavy with them because that would slow down loading speed, they help to personalize a site. Some features also make a web page more engaging for the audience.

Become an Affiliate with iPage

Here is a place to start your internet business experience: become an affiliate marketer for iPage. Pay for Essential web hosting. Build a page using Weebly. Make it compatible with affiliate coupon codes and promo codes. Use this platform to talk about web hosting, to promote iPage especially, and to earn commission from sales generated through your marketing efforts.